Convert HTML table to CSV

Updated: Oct 21, 2017

HTML to CSV Converter is used to convert HTML table to CSV by extracting the rows from HTML tables & converting them to CSV format.

Input: Paste HTML content below


HTML is the language of the internet. It is what creates HTML pages (even this one). In the old days, HTML used to be static with some JavaScript added into the mix for dynamic behavior and effects. Then HTML was served dynamically from the server side with the advent of server side programming languages such as PERL, PHP, ASP. And now there is a new trend where HTML is again being served as static resources with JSON (from REST web services) and JavaScript making it dynamic.

CSV is an old & very popular format for storing tabular data. It has been used in the desktop as well as mainframe. It is a simple & compact format that works really well for tabular data and so is still in use today.

Write Header
Choose whether to write the header record (which contains the names of the columns) in the output.
Write Header On
John Doe,Engineering
Jane Doe,Billingr
Write Header Off
John Doe,Engineering
Jane Doe,Billingr
Choose which delimiter to use to separate the fields & column names in a record. Acceptable values are:-
  • Comma
  • Tab
  • Space
  • Pipe
  • Semi-Colon
Comma Delimiter
John Doe,Engineering
Jane Doe,Billing
Tab Delimiter
name	department
John Doe	Engineering
Jane Doe	Billing
Space Delimiter
name department
"John Doe" Engineering
"Jane Doe" Billing
Pipe Delimiter
John Doe|Engineering
Jane Doe|Billing
Semi-Colon Delimiter
John Doe;Engineering
Jane Doe;Billing



Oct 21, 2017
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