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Jun 20, 2018
New Text tools - Whitespace Remover & Text Truncator
Jun 19, 2018
New Text tools - Text Splitter & Line Merger
Jun 18, 2018
Auto detect input number base in Binary Bitwise Calculator tools - Binary Bitwise AND Calculator , Binary Bitwise NAND Calculator , Binary Bitwise OR Calculator , Binary Bitwise NOR Calculator , Binary Bitwise XOR Calculator , Binary Bitwise XNOR Calculator & Binary Bitwise NOT Calculator
New Text tools - Space to Newline Converter , Space to Tab Converter , URL Extractor , Tab to Space Converter , Newline to Space Converter & Email Extractor
New Other tools - Distance Converter & Weight Converter
Jun 16, 2018
New Other tool - Land Measurement Calculator
New Generation tool - Avro Schema From JSON Generator
Jun 15, 2018
New Other tool - Gold Jewellery Resale Value Calculator