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Our Mission

Tool Slick aims to be your single stop for quick and simple productivity tools.

We are adding new tools regularly. Recommend your ideas on our slack channel or drop us an email. Bug reports with details on the nature of the bug, steps to reproduce it and any other environmental factors such as browser version are appreciated. Alternatively, you can see a listing of all our tools or browse them via tags.


Financial Tools

Calculate interest rates, EMIs, loan rates & other company related statistics such as PVIFA, WACC. These financial concepts are explained in plain english. Formula breakdown shows how the calculations are done to arrive at the final results.

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Mathematical Tools

Play around with bitwise operations, convert numbers from one base to another, work with binary coded decimals, gray codes and binary numbers. Additionally, convert numbers to words, roman letters and scientific notations.

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Text Tools

Format code or markup files, minify HTML/CSS/JSON, encode/decode text or binary data across various formats, breakdown components of URLs, expand shortened URLs, change case of text, manipulate whitespace, etc.

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Conversion Tools

Convert between data formats such as JSON, MessagePack, CSV, XML and YAML. Extract data from HTML and JavaScript files. Transform subtitle or lyrics between formats such as LRC, SRT, SSA,SUB, etc. Convert values between various measurement units.

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Generation Tools

Generate code in various programming languages, schema of data models in formats such as Avro, Globally Unique Identifiers for use in project files, etc.

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Programming Tools

Make lives of programmers easier (somewhat) by allowing them to hash values in CRC, MD5, MD6, etc. Test REST APIs, encrypt values, calculate size of bloom filters.

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Oct 18, 2021
New Calculator tool - Factoring Calculator
Support for 64-bit ZFS GUID in GUID Converter
Oct 12, 2021
New Calculator tool - Decimal to Percent Converter
Oct 11, 2021
Support for multiple output formats in Base64 Encoder
Support for source character set in Base64 Decoder
Oct 10, 2021
Regex & length split, output delimiter, prefix and postfix support in Text Splitter
Oct 9, 2021
See calculations in Hex To Decimal Converter