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May 31, 2020 3 Comments

Input: Paste numbers or text below (at least two, 1 per line or separated by space, comma or semi-colon)


Binary Result:
The result of XOR operation in Binary
Octal Result:
The result of XOR operation in Octal
Decimal Result:
The result of XOR operation in Decimal
Hex Result:
The result of XOR operation in Hex
Ascii Result:
The result of XOR operation in Ascii
Input Base:
The base of the input numbers either explicitly specified or automatically detected

XNOR Calculator

Perform binary bitwise XNOR operation on text in ASCII or numbers in Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hex formats

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Settings Explained
  • 1. Input Base

    Choose the base of the input numbers

    Auto Detect

    In this mode, number base is automatically detected based on the input provided

    Binary (base 2)

    XOR two binary numbers

    1000 ⊕ 1111 = 111
    Octal (base 8)

    XOR two octal numbers

    1000 ⊕ 7777 = 6777
    Decimal (base 10)

    XOR two decimal numbers

    1000 ⊕ 9999 = 9447
    Hex (base 16)

    XOR two hex numbers

    1000 ⊕ FFFF = EFFF
    Ascii (base 256)

    XOR two ascii strings

    a ⊕ B = #
  • 2. Delimiter

    Choose the delimiter used to separate each item

  • 3. Auto Cleansing

    If selected, automatic cleansing is performed on the data

  • 4. Calculate Intermediate Results

    If selected, intermediate results are calculated (takes more time)

XOR Truth Table

Boolean Operations
Bit Operations

Use Cases
  • Calculate XOR of Text

    XOR of text is calculated by first converting each character into it's equivalent ASCII character code. The same process is applied to each line of the input until all that remains are decimal numbers. These numbers are then converted into binary and bitwise XOR is applied on them. The final output is again converted back to ASCII for you to see.

    1. Paste all the texts you want to XOR in the input box.
    2. The converter supports multiple delimiters. But it's best to keep each text value in a new line.
    3. Change the Input Base to Ascii. The calculator does it's best to automatically detect the input type (Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hex or ASCII Text). But you might want to give it an easy time and just let it know that the input is plain text in ASCII format.
    4. Click on Calculate
    5. The calculation result should be in the outputs

Comments 3

Partho Sarathi

Partho Sarathi

  • 2 years ago

This is my most favorite tool



  • one year ago

No working...ascii XOR for inputs..!!!
1) A1
2) 2
3) 1
In 2) and 3) there is a space before the number. the result should be A2 but the result is B1. So how can we solve it?

Partho Sarathi

Partho Sarathi

  • one year ago

I have added a new parameter to explicitly specify the delimiter. For the following input:-


Specify, ASCII as the Input Base and 'New Line' as Delimiter. The leading spaces before the last two parameters will now be preserved and you should get the desired output of A2. Check the Calculation table for detailed information on the processing stages.

You can also delimit the inputs with comma or semi colon. A space will not work in this scenario, though.

May 31, 2020
Fixed input bit handling issue (thanks Paul Turner)
Mar 25, 2018
Tool Launched