Text Splitter

Mar 27, 2022

Text Splitter is a tool to split any text or string into multiple lines by a delimiter of your choice

Input: Text


Join lines of string by removing line breaks or newlines and adding a delimiter (default space) of your choice between each line

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Sometimes you need to split text using a delimiter such as space, comma, semicolon, colon, etc. This tool allows you to do that by letting you choose the delimiter you want.

Settings Explained
  • 1. Split Type

    Use this setting to select the type of split to perform. You can choose between:-


    The character you specify here splits the input text. For example, if you select the comma character, a new chunk is created every time we find a comma. You can even specify multi-characters such as a comma followed by a space.


    The regular expression specified here splits the input into chunks. Use this to do things like extract words from a paragraph of text. Consider the following input: Hola! This right here, is a paragraph of text.

    The regex: [.,;!?\s]+ will give the following output
    This right here
    is a paragraph of text

    This setting splits text into chunks of the specified length. The last part can be smaller than this length.

  • 2. Symbol

    The character(s) to split the text by (default is space)

  • 3. Regex

    The regular expression to break the text by (default is multiple spaces)

  • 4. Multiline Regex

    Turns on/off multiline mode of regex

  • 5. Length

    Splits text at the exact length you specify here. The last chunk can be smaller than this length.

  • 6. Output Delimiter

    The character to be placed between each output chunk (default is newline)

  • 7. Chunk Prefix

    The string to add before each chunk

  • 8. Chunk Postfix

    The characters to add after each chunk

  • 9. Remove Empty

    Removes empty values when you turn on this option

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Oct 10, 2021
Regex & length split, output delimiter, prefix and postfix support
Mar 27, 2022
Multi-line Regex support
Jun 19, 2018
Tool Launched