K-Modes Calculator

Mar 29, 2019

Use this Tool to perform K-Modes clustering online. Just upload your data set, select the number of clusters (k) and hit the Cluster button.

Input: Paste data to cluster


Perform K-Means clustering. You can select the number of clusters and initialization method.

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K Modes is a clustering algorithm used in machine learning. It is a variation of k-Means algorithm and uses mode as opposed to mean to perform the clustering. k-Modes is not restricted to numerical values as calculation of modes do not require numeric operations.

Settings Explained
  • 1. Number of Clusters (K)

    The number of clusters

  • 2. Has Header Record

    If selected, the first row is considered as a header

  • 3. Seeding

    The initializing technique for the clustering algorithm


    Uses the k-means++ algorithm to select the initial centroids


    Randomly select initial centroids


    Use the PAM BUILD algorithm for selecting initial centroids

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Mar 29, 2019
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