Credit Card Generator

Oct 10, 2021

This tool allows you to generate fake credit card numbers along with CVV and name. You can select how many random credit card numbers you want to generate (max 100).

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a payment card used to make purchases, pay bills, etc. We use Credit Cards online on websites, mobile phones, or physically in department stores, hotels, airports, etc.

How do Credit Cards work?

Credit cards have a spending limit called the Credit Limit. This limit dictates how much you can borrow from the credit card issuer and spend on purchases. You get a bill at the end of the billing period. You must pay the bill with real money within a stipulated time, called the credit period. Credit card issuers such as banks impose hefty fines when people fail to pay the due amount. It is one of the alternative ways the card issuer makes money out of credit cards. The other being a commission that the merchant pays on each transaction (generally 2%).

Credit Card Issuers

Visa & Mastercard are the two leading credit card issuers. The others being American Express (or AMEX), Diners Club, Discover, etc.

Major Industry Identifier (MII)

The first digit of the credit card represents the category or industry of the credit card issuer. Given below is a list of all MIIs.

MII Digit ValueCategory of Issuer
0ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments
2Airlines and other industry assignments
3Travel & Entertainment
4Banking & Financial
5Banking & Financial
6Merchandising & Finance
8Telecommunications and other industry assignments
9National Assignment

Issuer Identification Number (IIN)

The first six digits of payment cards are unique for each financial institution that issues the credit card. Conversely, this IIN can be used to identify the type of card. The table below shows well-known allocations for IINs.

Credit Card IssuerStarts With (IIN Ranges)Length (No. of digits)
American Express34, 3715
Diners Club - Carte Blanche300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 30514
Diners Club - International3614
Diners Club - USA & Canada5416
Discover6011, 622126 - 622925, 644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649, 6516-19
InstaPayment637, 638, 63916
JCB3528 - 358916-19
Maestro5018, 5020, 5038, 5893, 6304, 6759, 6761, 6762, 676316-19
MasterCard51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 222100 - 27209916
Visa Electron4026, 417500, 4508, 4844, 4913, 491716

Account Number

Digits seven to the second last of the credit card number denotes the account number for the card. The account number can be a maximum of 12 digits (depending on the length of the credit card number).

Check Digit

The last digit of the Credit Card, called its check digit, is calculated using Luhn Algorithm.

Settings Explained
  • 1. How Many

    The number of credit cards to generate. You can create a maximum of 100.

  • 2. Card Types

    The type(s) of credit cards to generate

  • 3. Output Format

    The format of the output

Use Cases
  • Fake Credit Card Generator

    Use our tool to generate credit card numbers for testing purposes. The generated credit card numbers also contain an expiration date and security code.

    These are NOT valid credit card numbers. You cannot use them to make payments.

    1. Select the number of credit card numbers you want to generate.
    2. Select all the Card Types you want to generate.
    3. Choose the Output Format for the generated credit cards.
    4. Click on Generate.
    5. The Output box contains the dummy credit card numbers.

  • JCB Credit Card Generator

    Follow these steps to generate fake JCB Credit Card numbers.

    1. Select the number of credit card numbers you want to generate.
    2. Select JCB from the Card Types.
    3. Choose the Output Format for the generated credit cards.
    4. Click on Generate.
    5. The Output box contains the test JCB credit card numbers.

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