MP3 Converter

Nov 16, 2021

MP3 Converter is a free tool to easily convert MP3 files into other formats such as WAV.
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MP3 is a widely popular audio file format. It is used to store songs and music content on disk. Unlike the high quality WAV file format, MP3 uses lossy audio encoding. It is a trade-off between sound quality and file size. Audio files encoded with MP3 are much smaller in size compared to raw formats such as WAV.

Our MP3 Converter can also extract audio from video files. Just select your video file and click on the Convert button.

There is no need to upload your file as the conversion happens in your browser.
Settings Explained
  • 1. Input Format

    The source audio format from which you want to convert

  • 2. Output Format

    The target audio format you want to convert to

  • 3. Encoder

    The encoder for the output format

  • 4. Bitrate

    Select the audio bitrate value for the output

  • 5. Sampling Rate

    The sampling rate for the input audio

  • 6. Channel

    The audio channel

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Nov 16, 2021
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