WAV to ULAW Converter

Nov 26, 2021

Use this tool to convert WAV to ULAW online. Click on the Browse files button, select a WAV file and Click on the Convert button. The u-law file will be downloaded once the Convertion process is complete.
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WAV is an audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM to store uncompressed audio as files on computers.

u-law file format is a 8-bit encoding used to transfer audio in digital communications in North America and Japan.

The default sampling rate for μ-law algorithm is 8000 hz.

There is no need to upload your file as the conversion happens in your browser.
Settings Explained
  • 1. Input Format

    The source audio format from which you want to convert

  • 2. Output Format

    The target audio format you want to convert to

  • 3. Encoder

    The encoder for the output format

  • 4. Bitrate

    Select the audio bitrate value for the output

  • 5. Sampling Rate

    The sampling rate for the input audio

  • 6. Channel

    The audio channel

Comments 1

Robert Peters

Robert Peters Copy Link

  • one year ago

This tool works flawlessly for converting a .mp3 file from my TTS program (Well Said Labs) to my Mitel PBX.
Tried to do this in Audacity and Adobe Audition and it was a waste of time compared to this.
Conversion with this tool took less than 5 seconds (including the file import). Takes 5 seconds just to open and import the file into those other tools (prior to changing the export settings).

Nov 17, 2021
Tool Launched