Fixed Asset Turnover Calculator

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Fixed Asset Turnover Calculator is a tool to find out a company's ability to generate net sales from fixed-asset investments

Fixed Asset Turnover:
Background Information

What does Fixed Asset Turnover mean?
The fixed asset turnover ratio is an efficiency ratio that measures a company’s return on their investment in property, plant, and equipment by comparing net sales with fixed assets
Fixed Asset Turnover = Net Sales / Fixed Assets - accumulated depreciation

A company has fixed assets worth of $100,000. The accumulated depreciation is $30,000. The sales of the company in the current year are $280,000.

According to the formula, Fixed asset turnover ratio is:-

  • = $280,000 / ($100,000 - $30,000)
  • = 4


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Jun 10, 2018
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