Discount Calculator

Jun 2, 2018

Discount Calculator is used to calculate the discount and final price of an item after applying sales tax and discount rate on the original price.

Final Price:
Final price after discount and tax
You Save:

What does Discount mean?
Discount is the reduction made from a regular or list price, offering customers some percent discount. It is an effective technique for increasing sales.
  • Final Price (Sale Price) = Original Price − Discount Amount
  • Discount Amount = Original Price × Discount Rate
  • Price before the tax: $425.00
  • Tax: $25.50
  • Final Price: $450.50
  • Original Price + Tax: $530.00
  • Total Savings: $79.50

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Jasmine Pendarvis

Jasmine Pendarvis Copy Link

  • 4 years ago

Hey i am new here i am a teacher at banoak elementry i would like to make stuff like this could i make something like this

May 6, 2018
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