Revenue per Employee Calculator

Jun 11, 2018

Revenue per Employee Calculator is a tool that calculates how much revenue the business is earning on average from each of their employees

Revenue Per Employee:

What does Revenue per Employee mean?
Revenue per employee (or sales per employee) is a ratio that measures the revenue generated by each employee of the company on average. It equals to a firm’s total revenue divided by the average number of employees for the period.

Revenue per Employee = Net Revenue/Average Number of Employees


A company ‘ABC International’ is asking $900 billion. The book value, according to its most recent balance sheet, amounted to $100 billion. Suppose there is no debt to be acquired. Therefore, the amount of goodwill being acquired at this purchase price would be $800 billion.

The below-given firms are few of the World's largest professional services firms and their revenue depends exclusively on their human capital. Their Revenue per Employee for the financial year 2013 equals;

Revenue in million US Dollars-
Firm nameRevenueEmployeesRevenue Per Employee

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Jun 11, 2018
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