Doubling Time Calculator

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Doubling Time Calculator is used to calculate the period of time required for an investment to double in size or value

Doubling Time:
Background Information

What does Doubling Time mean?
Doubling time is the period of time it takes for a value to double itself at a consistent rate of growth. This term is applied to any value that increases at a consistent rate.

Td = log(2) / log(1 + r)


  • Td = doubling time
  • r = a constant growth rate

Mr. Jacques earns 6% per year, compounded monthly. His monthly rate will be; r in the doubling time formula would be .005 (.06/12).

According to the formula,

Mr. Jacques would double his money within 138.98 months, or 11.58 years.


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