BCD to Binary Converter

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

BCD to Binary Converter is used to convert a Binary Coded Decimal number into Binary format

Input: Paste BCD numbers below (1 per line if multiple)

Binary To BCD Converter

Convert Binary number to Binary Coded Decimal

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Background Information

Conversion from BCD to Binary

A BCD can be converted to Binary in three steps:-

  1. Break the BCD into nibbles
  2. Convert each nibble into decimal digit
  3. Combine the digits to form the decimal number
  4. Convert the decimal number into binary

Example BCD to Binary Conversion

Let's say your BCD value is 100100010001 and you want to convert it to it's Binary form.

  1. Step 1: Break the BCD into nibbles: 1001 0001 0001
  2. Step 2: Convert each nibble into decimal digits
    • 1001 becomes 9
    • 0001 becomes 1
    • 0001 becomes 1
  3. Step 3: Combine the decimal digits: 911
  4. Step 4: Convert decimal to binary: 1110001111

Binary Coded Decimal

Binary Coded Decimal or BCD is a set of binary encodings for decimal numbers used in early digital computers. In BCD, a binary sequence is used to represent each digit of the source decimal number


Binary is the numeric system of computers. Computers are so dumb they only understand 0s and 1s. Binary numbers have a base of 2.


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