Remove Escape Characters from JSON

Oct 24, 2017 0 Comments

Remove escape characters from JSON (unescape) to get back the original string. Reserved characters hold special meaning in the JSON format. These characters need to be escaped (or encoded) inside JSON strings. This online tool reverses the escaping process (decodes) and returns the original string.

See Substitutions for more information.

Read more at wikipedia.

Input: Paste escaped JSON text below


  • \t becomes Tab
  • \n becomes Newline
  • \r becomes Carriage Return
  • \f becomes Formfeed
  • \b becomes Backspace
  • \" becomes Double Quote
  • \u0085 becomes Next Line (U+0085)
  • \u2028 becomes Line Separator (U+2028)
  • \u2029 becomes Paragraph Separator (U+2029)
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Oct 21, 2017
Tool Launched