JSON to YAML Converter

Jun 23, 2018

JSON to YAML Converter is used to convert JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data or file into Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) format

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Output: Converted YAML

Convert Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) data or file into JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format

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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), pronounced as Jason, is the most common data interchange format on the web. Douglas Crockford first released the JSON specification in the early 2000s. It is a simple format that is easier to comprehend than XML. It is also smaller in size because it does not have closing tags. A wide variety of programming languages can parse JSON files. They also support the serialization of data structures to JSON. You can copy JSON text to JavaScript and start using them without any modifications.

YAML is a new format to serialize data. It is a human-readable format even more so than JSON and is widely used for configurations such as Build Scripts in GitLab, Serverless template, etc

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Jun 23, 2018
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