Weight Converter

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Weight Converter is used to convert a weight measurement from one unit to another

Background Information

Weight of an object is the amount of force that acts on it because of gravity or reaction. There are several units that can be used to represent weights. This tool is used to convert between them.

Supported units are:-

  • carat
  • centigram
  • decigram
  • dekagram
  • dram
  • dyne
  • grain
  • gram
  • hundredweight (long, UK)
  • hundredweight (short, US)
  • kilogram
  • kiloton (long, UK)
  • kiloton (short, US)
  • kiloton (metric)
  • megagram
  • megatonne
  • milligram
  • ounce
  • ounce (troy)
  • pennyweight (troy)
  • pound
  • pound (troy)
  • quarter (UK)
  • quarter (US)
  • stone
  • slug
  • ton (long, UK)
  • ton (short, US)
  • ton (metric)

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