PVIF Calculator


PVIF Calculator is used to calculate PVIF or present value interest factor, used to determine the future discounted rate of a selected value as well as the current value of a particular series for a set number of periods

What does PVIF mean?
PVIF or present value interest factor provides a simple evaluation to determine the present value dollar amount of a sum of money to be received in future

PVIF = A / (1 + R) ^ N


  • A = the future sum to be received
  • R = the discount interest rate
  • N = the number of years or time period

Suppose a person is going to receive $10,000 after five years from now, the current discount interest rate is 5%. Using the above formula:-

  • PVIF = $10,000 / (1 + .05) ^ 5
  • = +$1904.76