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Hex to Binary Converter is used to convert a Hex number into Binary format

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Binary To Hex Converter

Convert Binary number to Hex

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Background Information

Conversion from Hex to Binary

A Hex can be converted to Binary in three steps:-

  1. Break the Hex number into individual digits
  2. Convert each hex digit into it's binary equivalent.
  3. Pad with leading zeroes to make each binary number 4 digit long
  4. Group the binary bits from left to right
  5. Trim any leading zeroes to form your binary number

Example Hex to Binary Conversion

Let's say your Hex value is 1A4 and you want to convert it to it's Binary form.

  1. Step 1: Break the Hex number into digits: 1 A 4
  2. Step 2: Convert each hex digit into binary
    • 1 becomes 0001
    • A becomes 1010
    • 4 becomes 0100
  3. Step 3: Combine the bits: 000110100100
  4. Step 4: Remove leading zeroes: 110100100


Hexadecimal is the numeric system widely used by systems designers and computer programmers. It comprises of 16 symbols from 0 to 9 and A to F.


Binary is the numeric system of computers. Computers are so dumb they only understand 0s and 1s. Binary numbers have a base of 2.

Converting Hexadecimal to Binary

Binary system might be what computers use, but the hexadecimal number system is the closest one to it that us humans can comprehend. One of the unique properties of a hexadecimal number is that it can be easily converted to binary digits. All you need is the conversion chart shown below that maps all hex digits with their binary equivalents.

Hex to Binary Table


Common usages of Hex

Hex is used in HTML to represent colors. For example, FF0000 refers to the color red. It is also used by Hex editors to display binary data stored in files. Any byte from 0-255 can be represented using two hexadecimal digits. 00 represents the NULL character whose byte value is 0 and FF represents 'ÿ' (the latin small letter y with diaeresis). Thus, a hex digit represents a nibble and two of them represent a byte.

Example Hex to Binary Conversion

  • (45)16 = (0100 0101)2
  • (1A4)16 = (0001 1010 0100)2
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