Present Value of Lump Sum Calculator

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Present Value of Lump Sum Calculator is a tool that helps calculate the present value of lump sum based on the fixed interest rate per period

Present Value Of Lump Sum:
Background Information

What does Lump Sum mean?
It refers to maturity amount of a present value lump sum investment, or a one-time investment, after a specified number of years.

PV = FV / (1 + r) ^ t


  • PV = present value of lump sum
  • FV = future value of lump sum
  • r = interest rate per period
  • t = number of compounding periods

A person wants to purchase a house in two years. He expects that he would need to have $20,000 at that time to use as a down payment. The certificate of deposit pays 5% per year.

In this case, we know that the future value is $20,000 and time frame (2 years) and the interest rate (5% per year). Therefore, apply the above formula:-

  • PV = 20,000 / (1.05) ^ 2 = 18,140.59


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