SRT to SSA Online

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SRT to SSA online is a tool to convert subtitles in the Subrip (SRT) file format to Advanced SubStation Alpha (SSA).

Unlike the SRT format which is a very basic way of representing subtitles, the SSA files contain formatting information such as fonts, their sizes & colors. When converting SRT files to the SSA format, we enrich it with basic styling using Arial font of size 20.

Input: Paste SRT lyric below


Output: Converted SSA

Background Information

SRT is a lyrics file format generated by the SubRip software. Lines of songs are preceded by a range of time (start to end) during which the lyrics line appears on the song.

SSA is a subtitle file format generated by the Sub Station Alpha software.

Settings Explained
  • 1. Title

    The title of the output SSA subtitles file

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